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Video Game Musicians

Video game musicians write video game music.

Video game development is one of the fastest growing industries and thus one of the most profitable composing gigs in the world.

Of course this makes it a very competitive field. Below are some tips on breaking into this business as well as lists and contact info for those trying to get a video game job writing music!

Make as many friends in the industry as you possibly can. Ultimately it comes down to word-of-mouth and recommendations by other people on a team.

Learn everything you can about the video game industry before knocking on the doors of supervisors. Find out what they need and what they’re looking for.

Seek out the developers who are doing the types of games that would be a good fit for your music. Try to think of the developers needs.


Here is a list of game musicians and their work in alphabetical order. Always be professional when trying to contact these writers. Be aware of each musicians work before contacting them.

If they have written a video game soundtrack, reference it in your email. Ask them if they have any needs this time. Quickly list your credits and strengths. Do not spam these people.

It's fine to follow up after one to two weeks if you have not received a response. If they still do not respond, move on to the next contact. Don't be pushy in this industry as word travels. You don't want to be a pest.

List of video game composers


Here is a list of video game companies with contact information. Always be professional when contacting these companies. A quick email requesting permission to submit, highlights of your past projects and and your contact if they are interested.

If they are screening for projects they will respond with their submission process. As with the musicians, it's fine to follow up after one to two weeks if you have not received a response. Again, if they still don't respond, move on to the next company.

List of video game companies


Here are TWO EXCELLENT RESOURCES for staying up to date on the business end of video games!: Gamasutra and GameIndustry

Here is an EXCELLENT THREAD on the industry:
How do I sell my songs to game companies?

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