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Over the next few months I will be building out this site to include instruction on guitar, songwriting, lyric writing, recording, music schools and music licensing (including places to pitch your music).

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PLJ Entertainment Paul

Paul Sylvester is a up an coming Indep Music producer. living in nyc influence artist New Edition,Micheal Jackson,Babyface,jimmyjam and terry lewis.

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Bass Guitar Notes & Tuning a Bass

The bass guitar notes are the top four strings of a guitar. Here's how to tune a bass with a free online bass guitar tuner.

Continue reading "Bass Guitar Notes & Tuning a Bass"

Bass Guitar Sheet Music & Tabs

Find bass guitar sheet music, free bass tabs, jazz bass tabs and other good bass tabs!

Continue reading "Bass Guitar Sheet Music & Tabs"

Kid Rock Song Lyrics

Here are all of the Kid Rock song lyrics. We'll take a good look at All Summer Long!

Continue reading "Kid Rock Song Lyrics"

Piano Chord Theory

Piano chord theory is the same for any chordal instrument. It has the same building blocks as guitar. Here is thorough and easy to understand explanation!

Continue reading "Piano Chord Theory"

Piano Minor Chords

The piano minor chords consist of 12 natural minor chords!

Continue reading "Piano Minor Chords"

Piano Major Chords

Piano major chords are thoroughly covered with visuals!

Continue reading "Piano Major Chords"

Chord Inversions Piano

The chord inversions piano has are the same on guitar and are easy to understand once you know all of the notes and how to invert the chords!

Continue reading "Chord Inversions Piano"

Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram

Let's take a look at a guitar fretboard notes diagram. This guitar fretboard notes chart will get you started on the guitar!

Continue reading "Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram"

Piano Bass Clef and Bass Staff

The piano bass clef sits on the bass staff. It's also called an F clef because there are two dots on either side of the F note.

Continue reading "Piano Bass Clef and Bass Staff"

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