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Song Lyrics Phrase Search

Song Lyrics Phrase Search is Appendix C in a 10 part series on How to Write a Song.

It allows us to search and analyze successful songwriters.

Here we can search for modern pop, Jazz and rock lyrics like Lady Gaga and John Mayer and even lyrics to older music like Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. The goal is to become better songwriters!


Not sure what the title is, below are the best sites to find pop, rock and Jazz lyrics just by knowing some of the lyrics of a tune!

Find Music By Lyrics allows you to search for rock, pop and Jazz lyrics by lyrical content, partial phrase and exact phrase.

elyrics is incredibly current with their offerings. You can search by band name, song name or the text in the song.


Below are the top sites to search for the lyrics of yester-year. These are the classics and they should be treated that way.  Current bands are constantly covering these timeless wonders.

OldieLyrics covers artists whose careers began in the 1980s or earlier. You can find oldies lyrics and videos here! Old song lyrics and video are ordered by albums and alphabet!

TraditionalMusic is the place for old traditionals in folk, Americana, Blue Grass and old time standards. Once on the page, click on the letter of the alphabet that the song starts with.


Elvis gets a section all to himself since he was such an icon. People loved his singing and songs. Some consider him the father of rock n' roll.  Below are the best places to find his lyrics.

Elvis Presley Lyrics is an excellent resource. Just click on the letter of the song the name begins with and every single lyric for that letter is listed.  Elvis would be proud!

ElvisFind has all 742 songs listed in order. There are also videos, articles, downloads and e-cards. A very dedicated Elvis site.  Maybe Elvis really is still alive!

Sometimes you can't remember the title of a song but you remember a phrase.  This happens to me all the time.  Just pop in the phrase and like magic the title of the song appears!  

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