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Play Free Music

Play free music from your favorite music websites.  Having a party and you need excellent free tunes to pump it up? 

Maybe you just want to find something different this weekend?  Free mobile music and free online music can be found at StreamSquid, Last.fm and Pandora

You can have some of the freshest free streaming music on the internet without paying a cent.

You will have to register with each site and login whenever you visit.  Once you have experimented with each site, you will find the one that best fits your needs.    

Here are three excellent free music sites!

Play Free Music

play-free-musicStreamSquid is a fun and easy to use platform where you can create playlists or just listen to your favorite artists. Simply click and drag tracks to create your desired playlists.

Searchable genres include: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, ambient, classical, country, dance, electronic, folk, indie rock, jazz, pop punk, R&B, rap, reggae, rock, ska and world. In addition, you can also just search by artists or song.

StreamSquid also has a social community section where you can register and list your favorites. There is also a section where you can see the most popular tracks played by others with a share feature as well.

play-free-musicLast.fm is a free streaming music platform that not only plays a radio stream of your favorite songs and artists, but it also keeps track of what you've listened to and makes suggestions as to other music you might enjoy based on your listening habits.

Last.fm also has special events, a social community and it's own radio charts based on the most popular tracks on the platform. It has an excellent design! Artists, bands and songwriters can register their tracks for free and have their music available for listening to the general public.

play-free-musicPandora is a free online music service where you can listen to your favorite artists or discover new ones. Simply search for an artist and an entire radio station of the artist will appear including a bio, a discography and suggestions for similar artists. Once registered you can create a profile and create music feeds.

*You can play free music quickly and easily. If you just want to hook your computer up to some quality speakers, you can save a bundle on music. Register and explore these free streaming music sites. It's also an opportunity if you are a songwriter to discover new music for inspiration. Happy listening!

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