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Online Music Mixing

Online music mixing has two very different functions.  The first is for mixing audio online for fun and practice.  You may also be a DJ looking to create playlists.  

The second is for hiring outside professional online engineers to mix your original music.  If you're looking to shop your music to major labels or are looking to get radio play, this is worth considering.  

You can have top engineers across the country or out of the country you live in mixing your music and sending your files back to you online.  Amazing!

Online Music Mixing

1.  If you're looking to have some fun and want to practice mixing music with pre-existing loops or copy-written music, than I have suggested some websites below.  

You DJ is an online web player and mixing DJ software where you can add popular tracks and manipulate them with the tools on the player.  There are loops as well as sound effects that can be layered over tracks.  You can create playlists and have some fun!

Loop Labs is one of the web's premiere online audio mixing software.  Since 2000 they have connected millions of users from all over the world to the art of mixing online through easy to use interfaces. They have an impressive list of campaigns they have been involved in.  Loop Labs is for everyone from amateur to professional.

2.  If you have recorded your original tracks in your home studio and want to spend the money having a professional mix them, than I have recommended some sites below.

Online Music Mixing is for artists looking for professional mixing and mastering services.  They have a variety of packages to suit the needs of major label or unsigned artists.  They have access to industry leading engineers at reasonable prices.

The Mix Factory specializes in mixing music and bringing sonic visions into reality.  This studio uses the finest analog outboard equipment and today's leading digital tools.  You send them your files and they will send them back to you for review once mixed.  Everything is done via the web.

*If you have saved money by recording everything in your home studio, it could be worth considering having a pro and fresh set of ears mix and/or master your tracks.

Online mixing makes the whole process easier whether you are a DJ looking to expand your playlists, an amateur looking for practice or you are an artist with the hottest new music needing professional mixing services.

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