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Music Websites and Making Money

There are many music websites that can assist you in making money. I have been writing, recording and performing songs for 20 years. There are all kinds of ways to promote your music and there are a variety of music websites to help you.

Some of them are FREE and some have small fees associated with them. The internet has really empowered the independent musician. I have divided this section into four main categories.

Music Websites and Making Money

1. Promote Your Music - This page will identify different websites to promote your music. There is information that will connect you to internet radio stations to promote your music, but also different services to promote your band, your songwriting or your artist (if you are managing someone). There are also companies that can connect you to a variety of opportunities.

2. Music Licensing - I have been getting my songs licensed to Film, TV and various media for the past 10 years. Here I will break down for you the ins and the outs of licensing your music to television. I will explain all of the terminology involved in licensing.

We'll discuss the difference between mechanical royalties and performance royalties (which you earn every time your song is played on TV/radio). We'll also get you registered with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) like ASCAP or BMI.

I will give you some free music libraries to submit your music so you can get started. In addition, I have also worked with a few music services that charge a nominal fee but are worth the small investment.

2b. My music and TV credits - If you are interested in seeing where my music has been placed on television, including the names of the shows and the networks, or if you are curious as to what my songs and instrumentals sound like, then visit here.

3. Sell Your Songs - If you are a band or performing songwriter, it is essential that you get your songs hosted somewhere for people to purchase. You need to have your songs available on itunes, amazon, rhapsody, emusic or similar websites.

This is the most difficult of the ways to make money unless you are very well known. That's why it's important to connect with one of the companies I discuss on this web page like: CD Baby, tunecore, songcast, reverbnation or oracle.

4. Video Game Music - Video game musicians write video game music. Video game development is one of the fastest growing industries and thus one of the most profitable composing gigs in the world. Here are some tips on breaking into this business as well as lists and contact info for those trying to get a video game job writing music!

If you have good songs that are well recorded, you can make money with music websites on the web. You've poured a lot of time, energy and resources into them. Isn't it time you get something in return? Take time to explore these pages and the companies that I suggest. It will take some effort, but isn't your music worth it?

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