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Julius the Jules

by Joseph Daniel Smith
(Glasgow, KY, USA)

Naturally Beautiful Jules

Naturally Beautiful Jules

Julius The Jules(Joseph D. Smith) was born in Glasgow KY on May 12th 1988. He currently resides in Glasgow KY. Joseph has always been interested in music, growing up in a musical household where he listened to many different styles of music, particularly country music. At an early age Joseph was particularly fond of The Kentucky Headhunters, often-times trying to be like Fred Young with his raccoon-hat and the shirtless act . One day he got to meet his heroes on their tour-bus in front of a Houchen’s Market in Glasgow KY due to his dad being good friends with the fellows.

Joseph’s musical influences are like the above-mentioned The Kentucky Headhunters and he always listened to singer-songwriter Dennis Adkins, who he, for many years mistook for Willie Nelson. He often-times listened to Elvis Presley due to his dad being a huge Elvis fan. He always listened to 80’s pop with his mom, his mom, despite being born in the late part of the 1960’s is an 80’s child. His current tastes cannot be counted by mere numbers, for he loves anything and everything that sounds good, the only exceptions being most folk and Gospel songs.

Julius The Jules uses a catch-phrase that reads "I'm with The Jules", as he is often referred to as The Jules, or simple as Jules. He is happy as an independent artist, and will continue to stay independent as long as he can. He is comfortable with living at home, rather than constantly being on the road. He lives with two families; his immediate family in Glasgow, KY, Mary Smith(his loving mother), and Wendy Smith(his adorable little sister) during the week; then he lives with his extended family, in Edmonton, KY, his two step-siblings, Taya Murphy and Daylon Murphy(who he cherishes with all his might), and his mother-figure, Misty Murphy. He often spends time with his dad, the Hon. Joe Smith, his aunt, and his 1st cousin, who wish to remain anonymous.

Joseph considers his family the first and foremost important aspect of his life, who he takes care of when he is needed. Wendy and Joseph are both autistic, Wendy being low-functioning autistic, and Joseph being high-functioning autistic. Joseph centers his life around his adorable and amazing sister, who is an adult female who enjoys the simple pleasures in life, who is very intelligent, but also very mischievous. His mom is very loving, caring, kind, and compassionate towards all people in need, who Joseph is proud to call his mother! Joseph also enjoys the company of his extended-family, where Joseph and Daylon are a duo pretty much, and he tries to spend time with his step-sister, Taya, who he would fight to defend at all costs! Misty is a close family member
of his, as she is understanding of his life's problems, who listens to him and helps direct his life in the right direction.

The Jules made the best and most awesome friends, who became his second family, the Dunfords! John Dunford is his honorary brother, along with Arthur Dunford, who had a daughter The Jules considers as his niece. John and Julius met when Joseph was a senior at Glasgow High School; John was sitting by himself at a table in Shop Class, and Joseph would always go and try to make friends with the new kids, and they were best friends ever since. Sherri and Tim Dunford are like his parents, who are really cool and easy to talk to. Grandma Dunford was the central figure in the lives of both Jules and the Dunford Family, who they miss dearly. Joseph would get up every morning when he couldn't go back to sleep, and he would just talk to her, who really appreciated his company; Grandma would often ask "Where's Joe?". Julius loves them to death and will always consider them as family!

For many years, The Jules volunteered his time at West Main Street Tattoos in Glasgow, KY, where he met many friends, learned many of life's lessons, and pretty much became apart of many families, all thanks to Zach Burcham, who gave him this wonderful opportunity! Zach gave Julius his first and only tattoo, which he wears as a badge of honor, and it is a living example of how long a tattoo will last if you would just follow the aftercare instructions, and if you would just take care of it as if it is your own skin, for as long as you have it.

The Jules is a proud Registered Independent in his home state of Kentucky, in the United States of America. He votes only for those who are best, and he will let you know how he feels about any issue if you ask him! His core political stance is that of eliminating so-called "Nanny-Laws", those who are designed to protect it's citizens from themselves, as our government feels that it knows better than we do, and that we can't make our own choices. Julius is an advocate of drug legalization, the right to bear one's own nude body in public-both men and women, the right to practice whatever religion and partake of any holy sacraments that they feel essential to their spirituality, and for the right to practice consensual safe-sex with no laws regarding it's regulation! Most importantly, The Jules is a champion-fighter for the right to Freedom of Speech, and he opposes any and all censorship!

If you're with The Jules, then God bless you and your loved-ones, forever.

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