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Home Recording Forum

Welcome to the home recording forum.  We will discuss problems and solutions for home studio owners. 

Home studio recording can be overwhelming and everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

What software do I use?  Why do I need a pre-amp?  How much memory does my computer need?  What computer should I buy? 

How much should I spend on monitors, headphones and microphones?  How do I soundproof my room?   

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Some of us are singer songwriters while others are gear heads that know everything about the latest software.  There are some that have an incredible sense of quality acoustic space.  Still others are shredding guitar geniuses while some are bass gurus or drumming wizards!  

No matter who you are, you need some assistance somewhere in the recording process.  I've had over 90 placements on TV and I'm still seeking advice from others.  I haven't made the software leap yet as my hardware continues to serve me well.  

I created this home recording forum so that we can share our collective knowledge and get answers to our recording questions.  Let's build a community! 

Topics you have knowledge or questions about could be:

1.  We can talk about not only home recording equipment, but also used recording equipment and where to find it.  

2.  Let's figure out what software we should use whether we are a beginner or a professional.    

3.  How do you go about selecting a mic for vocals?  For recording acoustic guitar?  Electric guitar?

4.  What effects should we use on vocals and particular instruments?  How much should we use?

5.  When do you use MIDI instruments and when should use real instruments?  

6.  Is Pro Tools worth the learning curve?  Money investment?

7.  What's the best audio-interface to buy and use?  

8.  What is the ideal recording environment?  How do I know if my room is good for recording?

9.  Buzzing in the headphones?  Grounding issues?

10. Mic placement is a huge topic whether you are recording vocals, acoustic guitar or amplified sound.

If you have questions, ask them in your home recording post and we will hopefully get you an answer.  If you have knowledge to share, please comment on peoples' posts.  You never know when someone is going to return the favor.  Pay it forward!

The point is to generate some rich discussion on a variety of recording questions. 

If you're interested in my set up, visit building a home recording studio.

I have included my recording story below!  What's yours?

Share Your Recording Experiences, Questions and Answers!

Do you have a home recording forum story to tell? Share your unique experiences, your challenges and your questions!

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My Home Recording Forum Story 
My home recording forum story starts with the evolution I have gone through as a recording singer songwriter. We all have different experiences and …

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