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Guitar String Names and Stringing a Guitar

Guitar String Names is Part 1 of a 14 part VIDEO Series on Learn to Play Guitar Lessons. We will Learn how to string a guitar using Martin guitar strings. We'll cover equipment needed, the names of the strings and the process involved in removing and stringing an acoustic guitar.



From top to bottom:

E is the top or sixth string (thickest string)
A is the fifth string
D is the fourth string
G is the third string
B is the second string
E is the bottom or first string (thinnest string)

guitar string name
stringing a guita


1. You will need a knob turner and a pair of wire cutters. You can purchase a combination tool (see below).

2. Hold the guitar against your body as you would if you were playing. Take the knob turner and place on the knob of the sixth string at the top of the guitar.

3. Turn counter clockwise until string is loose enough to remove from top nut.

4. Remove the other side of the string down at the bridge by taking your knob turner and using the other end of it to remove the peg.

5. Remove E or sixth string from package and place end in the hole at the bridge.

6. Replaced removed peg and push in while pulling on the string to make sure it's snug.

7. Return to head of guitar and place narrow end of string through the hole leaving a little slack.

8. Place knob turner on E string knob and turn clockwise making sure that the first revolution has the end of the string underneath. Subsequent revolutions have the end above to sandwich in the string so it doesn't slip. (SEE VIDEO ABOVE)

NOTE: Follow this procedure for all strings except remember that, when looking at the head, the top three strings (E,A,D) are spun counter clockwise and the bottom three (G,B,E) are spun clockwise.


To view or PURCHASE an all in one device that turns knobs, removes pegs and acts like a wire cutter, click on product:


Buy your strings on line and in bulk. It's much cheaper than buying at the store as there is less over head.

I have used Martin Strings almost my whole life. I purchased my Martin D-18 Guitar back in 1989 and I have used it ever since. Martin products are of the highest quality. The guitar string names are clearly printed on each packet. I would recommend these strings over others.

I have used almost exclusively Martin Medium Gage where the high E string is .013 (also called 13s). If you finger pick or strum, these work great.

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Life Span is a newer Martin product. I was recently given some to try out by Martin. They are a little more expensive but they are treated to preserve the tone for a longer amount of time. Excellent for studio and live performance.

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I have found there to be less difference in electric strings than acoustic strings. However, I have been happy with D'addario. You can't go wrong with them.

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