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Guitar Chords For Songs

Guitar Chords for Songs is similar to my page on Country Guitar Chords.  You can also get an entire structured guitar series for beginners to advanced players at Learn to Play Guitar Lessons.

For those of us that just want a few chords, you've come to the right place.  Below I have a guitar chords chart for beginners and photo images of the most popular open chords on acoustic guitar.

If you're looking for more in depth knowledge on chord families and how they relate to each other in various keys visit:

C Chord and Family
G Chord and Family
Chord and Family
Chord and Family
Chord and Family
Chord and Family

Guitar Chords for Songs

The following six chords will allow you to play dozens of songs. Learn these six and then explore what chords go with them and how to make them minor.

1. C Chord - combine this with F and G and you're rolling :0)

2. G Chord - combine this with C and D and no one can stop you :*)

3. F Chord - Did you mix this with G and C yet?

4. D Chord - blended with G and A you are a hit songwriter!

5. A Chord - with D and E you have 100s of great songs....

6. E Chord - blended with D and A you are dangerous :0D

Take these chords and switch between them.  Experiment....you will see that C, F, G fit together as do G, C, D as well as D, G, A and lastly A, D, E.  The reason is that this is the I chord, IV chord and V chord in each key.  

To learn more about this visit:  Country Guitar Chords

More Easy Song Chords

Above, you have some of the chords we went over along with the minor version (ex., Cm) and the seventh chord version as well. Seventh chords are just triads with a flat seventh added on top.

I know that sounds confusing but if you're willing to dig into some theory it will all make sense eventually.  Music is actually a giant puzzle that fits together.  It doesn't mean you can't be creative and break certain rules but you'd be amazed how when something sounds good there is often some theory behind why.

If you just want to take these handful of chords and start writing songs....GO FOR IT!  So many amazing songs have been written with just the six chords you've learned!

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