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Free Yoga Music

Free Yoga music, free relaxation music and free meditation music offer some of the best free music downloads. 

Let's take a look at The Guided Meditation Site, Anmol Mehta (a yoga site), and Musical Relaxation.

Not only can you receive free music at these sites, but you can also learn a great deal about these disciplines and techniques.  These sites are educational as well as just resources for free music.


The Guided Meditation Site (see banner below) is the most comprehensive meditation site on the web.  They offer free downloads, music, lessons, new releases and positive affirmations. 

Types of music downloads include Binaural Music, Sleep Music, Chakra Music, White Noise and Mindfulness Bells.

There is a whole section on why you should meditate, types of meditation, meditation tips, guided imagery, mindfulness, brainwave entrainment, quotes, stories and an audio directory.

Resources for therapists and healers include guided meditations, promoting your meditations, royalty free music, music composition, meditation scripts and relaxation scripts.


Anmol Mehta is a great site if you're looking for some excellent, soothing, free yoga pieces.  In addition to music, you can find new blog articles, free books and videos, free online yoga classes, a yoga and meditation store, a meditation certification program and a yoga certification program.

This site also offers information on guided meditation techniques, Kundalini yoga sets, chakra yoga techniques, yoga breathing exercises (also called Pranayama), free online yoga and meditation classes, Zen teachings and practice, health and well being, personal development articles and spiritual enlightenment.

If you are interested in exploring the weight loss and health benefits of yoga check out Brilliant Yoga!


Musical Relaxation claims to be the finest relaxation music website since 1996. They have some of the best free music downloads to help you reduce stress. The music has been carefully selected to produce beautiful and calming soundscapes. There are a variety of melodies that consistently produce the soothing sounds of nature with tranquil and slowly changing harmonies.

Traditional cultures have always recognized the therapeutic effect of music. It was regarded as a crowned science. These compositions guide you beyond the routine of daily life. They don't contain subliminal messages and are comprised of only sounds and melodies.

*Free yoga music, relaxation and meditation music can offer some of the best free music downloads. It's also amazing how much you can learn about these styles of music and the therapeutic benefits, if you dig in and explore these sites!

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