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Free Vocal Remover

Free vocal remover software can be used when you want to remove vocals from songs. There are several kinds of vocal removal software.

This is very handy if you can't mix out your vocals and you need an instrumental version of a song for TV or film placement.

Vocal remover software can also remove vocals from mp3 media and can be used to create karaoke versions of songs for fun or for entertainment purposes. Let's look at the most popular options.


1. Audacity VST Plugin: Center Pan Remover

Center Pan Remover (download) is a Nyquist plugin for the very popular Audacity audio editor. This plugin works best on audio files where the vocals are near to the center of the stereo field. Center Pan Remover automates the process of splitting the stereo image and track inversion. Simply copy the plugin into the Audacity plugins folder to see the option in Audacity’s effects menu.

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2. Wavosaur
As well as being a good audio editor, Wavosaur is also a free vocal remover. Once you have imported your audio file into Wavosaur, you can use the Voice Remover tool to automatically process the file. As with all voice removal software, the results you get will depend on various factors such as the type of music, how compressed it is, and the quality of the audio source.

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3. AnalogX Vocal Remover (Winamp Plugin)
If you use the Winamp software media player for playing your music collection, then AnalogX Vocal Remover can be installed in your plugins folder to remove vocals. Once installed, simply go to Options > Preferences > DSP/effect to choose the plugin. The interface is very easy to use as there’s just a slider bar to control the amount of audio processing.

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4. Karaoke Anything
Karaoke Anything is a software audio player that does a decent job of removing vocals from music tracks. It can be used for MP3 files or entire audio CDs. The interface is user-friendly and you can use a slider bar to control the amount of audio processing. Unfortunately Karaoke Anything isn’t capable of saving what you hear. However, if you want a basic audio player for MP3 files and audio CDs that can remove vocals, then Karaoke Anything is a good tool to keep in your digital audio toolbox.

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For a more in-depth look at how this area of audio editing works, read a dedicated article on Vocal Removal which also points out a variety of other applications of vocal remover software.

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