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Free Music Lyrics and Chords

Free Music Lyrics and Chords is Appendix B of Learn to Play Guitar Lessons. Now that we have a basic understanding of guitar chords and scales, it's time to learn some songs.

Here you can search for your favorite bands and songs.

We will also explore rock, pop and country music lyrics and chords, song chords and lyrics as well as gospel music lyrics and chords.

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You don't need to be able to read music. The chords will be written above the lyrics. However, the better you know the song, the easier it will be to learn songs this way. The more songs you learn, the better songwriter you will become. It will also help you to develop your own voice as a writer.


Free music lyrics and chords is a general category. Here you should be able to find lyrics and chords to most rock and pop songs. 

Chordie offers guitar tabs, guitar chords and lyrics. You can browse by artist or song. You can also create your own songbook as you are accumulating songs to play. As long as you register, which is FREE, you can print out the songbook.

AZChords is another resource that offers guitar tabs, chords and lyrics. They have a deep selection.


Classic Country Song Lyrics is a comprehensive website on just country song chords and lyrics including artists like Alabama and Anne Murray all the way to Willie Nelson and Wynn Stewart.

Country Tabs allows you to search your favorite country artists and find the tabs, chords and lyrics to their best songs. There are also video guitar lessons and forums on country songwriting.


e-chords is one of the best sites if you are looking for the chords and lyrics to specific songs. They have over 130,000 songs for guitar. In addition, they have thousands of songs for bass, keyboards, harmonica, drums, flute and cacao.

Ultimate-Guitar is for the guitarist that wants to learn to read guitar tablature or understands it and wants to learn thousands of songs using it.


Gospel music lyrics and chords is the absolute authority on gospel music. Here is the ultimate list of incredible resources on gospel, worship and Christian music, chords, tabs and lyrics.

Thanks for visiting Music Lyrics and Chords. As you can see there are plenty of places to search if you know what you're looking for.

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Have Something to Share about Free Music Lyrics and Chords? Go for it!

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