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Free Music Downloader

A free music downloader and free music download programs allow you to listen to free music online. 

Websites like Snapfiles, Music Flower and BearShare make browsing for videos and music much easier. 

They will also help you get your media files more organized.

Let's take a look at the following three websites and see what they have to offer!


music flowerMusic Flower is a free music downloader, player and search engine. It is the ultimate free music app that let's you search and listen to music online. Music Flower does not contain copyright protected media and is therefore legal.

Music Flower gives you a fresh experience as it allows songs to flow as it matches your search criteria. You can create multiple searches as you refine them by singer, album, genre, title or lyrics. You can tweak settings by a variety of methods to find what you are looking for.

bearshareBearShare is a free downloader with over 20 million videos and songs that are all free and legal. It provides mp3 downloads that are not only legal but safe. It has ipod and mp3 support. Search by genre, song, artist or album.

BearShare is different in that it is a peer to peer file sharing program that allows downloads of the newest music and videos. You can also connect with friends that enjoy the same artists. Registered users can access files, music libraries and pictures of other users.

BearShare has become a popular alternative to Limewire since it was shut down. Some fear that peer to peer programs run the risk of carrying viruses, but the BearShare application is well protected and only allows the sharing of music and video file formats.

snapfilesSnapfiles has a free downloader that lets you download MP3 files of your favorite music. The online sources that are compatible with Snapfiles include Grooveshark, Sogou, YouTube, VKontakte, Last.FM, Soundcloud and others.

Just type the artist or song name you're looking for and click the search button to see the results and download. It's easy! The app also allows you to customize searches and automatically sorts songs into folders based on the artist.

Snapfiles has existed since 1997. It is a trusted industry leader in all types of downloads. You can find freeware, shareware and a variety of download opportunities including top 100 downloads, top 100 portable apps and top 50 user favorites. Snapfiles also has in-depth user reviews of apps and downloads.

*A music downloader can make your life easier.  Explore these three popular options and one of them should meet your needs.

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