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Free Classical Music Downloads

Free classical music downloads is the place to find free classical music online.  Although a bit ambiguous, Classical music tends to represent the music written from 1750 - 1820. 

However, we often include Baroque which came before with composers such as Bach and Handel, as well as the Romantic period with composers such as Beethoven and Schubert. 

Here you can find totally free music downloads for classical music.  Because most classical music falls into the public domain, there are generally an abundance of tracks to download.

Free Classical Music Downloads

1. Musopen is a tremendous resource for finding a free classical music MP3. You can browse by composer, performer, instrument, period or song form. This site is easy to navigate. For example, let's say you want a free Beethoven download.

Click on Ludwig and you will be brought to a screen organizing his music by title, form, instrumentation, period, performer and ratings. Choose a piece and click the arrow on the far right. You will be given several versions to download which you can first preview before downloading.

2. Sound List is a list of free classical musical works at wikipedia. You sort each column by clicking the box at the top of each column. It's sorted by composer, file name, "What Links This File", performer, submitter, comments and genre.

3. Classic Cat is the premier website to find free classical music online. It's accessible for the new classical music listener, yet broad enough in their catalogue to keep the seasoned listener entertained for years to come.

Classic Cat is organized by composers, performers, instrumentation, genres and a top 100 for newbies. It's easy. First choose a composer, choose a work and then click the red button to listen and download.

*Free classical music downloads are abundantly available at these sites. For a piece of music to be in the public domain the author of the music has to have died at least 70 years ago. Because of the time periods that the classical, baroque and romantic pieces were written, they are all in the public domain.

As a songwriter, I try to study all forms of music.  Everything can influence you in a positive way.  The deeper I dig into various genres the more I come up with clever ways of approaching things as a writer.

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