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Free Christian Music Downloads

Free Christian music downloads is the place to find free online music downloads for Christian music. 

Since the popularity of folk and rock music, many musicians have been adding a Christian message to these genres. 

Over the last 25 years everything from rap to metal to latin has had a Christian sub-genre associated with it.  You can download free music legally at the following sites.  Each has it's own unique characteristics. 

Some are geared to just the listener while others are geared towards the band or songwriter. 

Free Christian Music Downloads

1. Free Christian Underground Music is the mother load of free online music downloads for alternative and underground Christian music. Since its inception in 2004, it has been the goal of this site to donate a portion of the proceeds to various ministries. They suggest patrons choose which ministries receive their donations.

In addition, bands can have their music featured on the home page. They offer free publicity with potentially thousands of new fans downloading their music.

2. Christian Music Addict is a comprehensive Christian music site. They have Christian news, music reviews, new releases, interviews, articles, videos and of course free downloads.

There is also a free newsletter that you can sign up for to get the latest on what's new and current in the Christian music scene.

3. Today's Christian Music was started by band music nerds who created a way for indie musicians of all genres to have their music heard. Find your favorite free Christian music downloads at Made Loud. By giving indie artists the opportunity to share their work with music lovers everywhere, Made Loud redefines the music business by returning control of the music to the musicians.

Today's Christian Music was also founded with another goal in mind: bringing indie fans indie music with no filters. Rather than record executives spoon feeding the music they want you to hear, it fosters an indie community where fans and artists interact and support each other directly, allowing musicians to be themselves. It's their mission to get out of the musician's way and let them reach fans directly.

As they continue to grow and build on what they've created so far, they will not compromise: fans will have the music at their fingertips, and artists will be made loud.

*Christian music downloads are available for your listening pleasure. Whether you are looking for new inspirational music or you are a songwriter looking to branch out and explore this genre, take a peek at these sites.

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