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Free Audio Editing Software

Free audio editing software is Appendix A in a series on How to Write a Song. Audacity is free music editing software that is easy to use and teaches you how to edit music.

I have used Audacity for years and I have over 100 tracks used on television. It's very simple to download. Below I explain how it can be used and why it's important to provide multiple edits for the tv, film and multimedia marketplace.

I have my whole catalogue hosted and pitched by several music libraries. You have a much higher chance of getting your music placed in tv shows, indie films and multimedia if you have several different edits of your music. I have listed the versions that I recommend below.



vocal version (unless it's an instrumental)
instrumental full version
instrumental edited to about 2 minutes
instrumental 60 secs
instrumental 30 secs
instrumental 15 secs
stinger (a short edit with a definitive ending)
loop (an edit that can be looped without detecting a break)

All of these (with the exception of removing the vocals) can be easily created using Audacity. In addition, I use Audacity to clean up my beginnings and endings of songs even when I'm not creating an alternate edit. If you can cut and paste, then you can use this audio editing software

With the edited versions you want to get the best of the track into these edits. Be creative and make each edit feel like it begins and ends. Music supervisors want tracks that quickly build momentum and continue to the end of the track.

Download Audacity

This software is very safe to download and it exists for MAC or PC. It does not contain any viruses and you will not be marketed to either. Audacity is pure freeware and is used by many music professionals.

In addition, the newer versions also have recording capabilities. I love it because it's free and meets my editing needs. Music can be an expensive field to break into, so it's one less expense.

Thanks for visiting Free Audio Editing Software. Audacity is about to become your best friend. Take your time and go through all of the tutorials. It's easy once you get the hang of it. The help section is fantastic.

Now let's take a look at Songwriting Competitions where you will be provided with various contests to join and apply to!

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