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Best Recording Software

The best recording software, most would agree, is Pro Tools software.

However, other home recording software such as Cubase, Reason, Logic and Ableton Live have their advantages.

You can now make phenomenal recordings right in your home. With the right software, proper recording techniques and lots of patience, you can now create professional recordings in your basement or bedroom!

I have narrowed the field to the 5 best recording software programs I believe in the world! All 5 will get the job done. However, each has it's advantages.

Best Recording Software 


Pro Tools is the industry standard. It's what all major producers and engineers are using in the commercial industry. It is the most sophisticated software in terms of it's recording capabilities, but more importantly, it's editing options are second to none.

If you decide to go this route, be prepared to pay a little more. In addition, the learning curve is HUGE. It is not a sprint but a marathon when learning to unlock the full power of this software. Lastly, Pro Tools uses tons of memory and is not compatible with all machines.

If you, like me, are creating music just for television and film, you may not need to go this route. However, if you have the time and you are the industry's next Grammy winning producer, it may be worth it.

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The word on the street is that Cubase possesses similar power to Pro Tools. It really depends upon the individual and their specific needs. There is some debate as to which is easier to use.

Cubase has the edge when it comes to virtual instruments but being that Pro Tools is the industry standard, you may have more in common using Pro Tools when collaborating with other producers.

There is a ton of marketing out there as to which is better, but buy one and dig in as they will both get the job done.

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Most of Reason’s strengths rest in its emphasis on creation, composition and modification. From start to finish, users have a variety of tools, features and effects to create, enhance, master and modify individual sounds, samples, patches and even complete tracks and transform them altogether.

Though other recording studio software programs like Pro Tools also place a great emphasis on those stages of production, none have managed to do so and remain competitively priced as Reason.

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Where most recording studio software programs are intended for stationary use in a static setting, Ableton Live has been tried, tested and refined for live performance functionality.

It combines the recording and editing tools and features of the best recording software programs with real-time effects, sequencers and loop machines to give electronica artists a powerful instrument on stage. It also gives artists and engineers of all musical genres and calibers a powerful tool to edit, modify and refine music off stage.

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GarageBand users will be delighted to hear that their projects will open up in Logic Pro 9 and Logic Express 9. They can continue working on them with the option of adding better instruments and effects plus superior editing and mixing facilities. 20,000 Apple Loops and six Jam Packs are also included.

Overall, the
new Logic Studio offers exceptional flexibility and value for Mac musicians. It's also a great choice for GarageBand users who want to take their music to the next level, as well as guitarists who want to buy a serious music software studio.

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