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Best Free Music Download Sites

The best free music download sites offer a variety of music to choose from. 

Whether you are a music lover looking for your favorite new artist or a songwriter that wants to explore new genres and styles of music to expand your writing, you should be able to find it here.  

I have organized music downloads for free into 7 sections encompassing everything from rock and pop to gospel and Christian to classical to Bollywood to relaxation and meditation music.


1.  Play Free Music - Having a party and you need excellent free tunes to pump it up?  Maybe you just want to find something different this weekend?  Sites like Streamsquid, Last.fm and Pandora offer free streaming music.  You can listen to some of the freshest new music on the internet without paying a cent.  

2.  Free Music Downloader - Learn about and download free music download programs like Snapfiles, Music Flower and BearShare.  They make browsing for videos and music much easier.  They will also help you get your files organized.

3.  Free Gospel Music Downloads - Download your favorite up and coming gospel musicians for free.  Explore gospel music download sites that include the likes of Mahalia Jackson, The Swan Silvertones and Mario Williams.

4.  Free Christian Music Downloads - Christian music has found it's way into many popular styles of music.  Download free Christian music and explore the sub-genres of the Christian music movement.

5.  Free Classical Music Downloads - Although a bit ambiguous, classical music tends to represent the music written from 1750 - 1820.  However, we often include baroque which came before with composers such as Bach and Handel, as well as the Romantic Period with composers such as Beethoven and Schubert.  Here you can find classical music to download for free.

6.  Free Persian, Iranian and Bollywood Music Downloads - Although many consider Persia and Iran one in the same, there is a bit of a distinction when it comes to the music.  Here you can download free music from Persia, Iran and Bollywood.  Explore artists such as Mohsen Chavoshi, Ehsan Khajeh Amiri and Sari Abboud.

7.  Free Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation Music Downloads - Here are sites to explore Yoga, meditation and relaxation music.  In addition, you can find free music downloads.

*Best free music download sites offer us a chance to expand our musical tastes and explore new genres no matter what style of music you like to write or listen to.

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