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Bass Guitar Sheet Music

Bass guitar sheet music can be found in a variety of places but I have identified some of the best below.

8notes is a well renowned sheet music site used for music theory and sheet music on various instruments.  In this case we'll look at bass sheet music.

I have also compiled some good bass tabs as well.  Bigbasstabs and Active Bass offer some excellent resources.  I have used these sites multiple times with great results.

Bass Guitar Sheet Music

8Notes offers the latest in bass sheet music.  Explore rock, pop, jazz and traditional music.  There is a section on licks and riffs as well as improvisational pieces and play-along jam tracks.  Other resources include bass guitar lessons, music theory, forums and a metronome.  Lastly, there is a section on funk studies for bass guitar!

More specifically, sections are divided into four major sections:


Free Bass Tabs

Free Bass Tabs is one of the fastest growing sites with accurate and free tabs with all of the artists you'd need in all genres from any era.  Bass tablature is added daily.  If you can't find what you're looking for you can make requests and they will generate the tabs within days. There are a multitude of lessons and exercises available.  If you want to share your favorite exercises or tips, you are also welcome to do that as well.

The site is also organized into the following major areas....

HOT TOPICS - featuring the most current and most discussed topics relating to bass gear, bass amps and all things bass guitar.

HOT ARTISTS - featuring lessons and tabs from the most talked about artists like the Chili Peppers, Prince, Metallica, Green Day, Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and the Beatles.

HOT TABS - featuring the most searched for songs and tabs in pop and rock music.

Jazz Bass Tabs

Jazz Bass Tabs offers not only excellent jazz bass tabs but also great jazz bass lessons.  The tablature is also organized into three major areas.  

STYLE - acoustic, folk, alternative, basics, bluegrass, blues, Christian, classical, country, double bass, electronica, experimental, funk, R&B, JAZZ, metal, punk, rap, reggae, rock, pop and world.

MEMBER/CONTRIBUTOR - members share their lesson and tab expertise in various genres.

SKILL LEVEL - beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and (my favorite), ridiculous!

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