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Bass Guitar Beginner Info

Bass guitar beginner info is for the novice all the way to the most experienced players!

I am a songwriter bass player.  I've been playing guitar for almost 40 years, but 10 years ago I picked up the bass and have never looked back!  I realized how much more I could be playing.  

Everyone needs a bass player!  I still play a ton of guitar, I just gig a lot more as a bass player.

There are so many more opportunities for good bass players than guitar players.  The ratio of guitar to bass players is about 10:1.

I have assembled what I believe to be very useful information for those of us who write songs, play bass, sing and/or just want to learn how to rip with a band!

Bass Guitar Beginner Info

1.  Bass Guitar Notes - What are they?  How do you tune a bass?  Where do I find a free online bass guitar tuner?

2.  Bass Guitar Chord Chart - Let's take a look at some bass guitar chords.  How do they blend with a band or song?  Since the bass is the top for strings of a guitar it is almost the same, yet functions differently.

3.  Online Bass Lessons - Here we will explore the various opportunities for electric bass guitar lessons.  It's important to begin at the level that's right for you.

4.  Jazz Bass Fender - Where do you find the ultimate Fender bass?  There are all the different makes and models, but nothing equals the American made Fender.  Where do you find a custom made bass guitar?  How about finding cheap bass amps?

5.  Bass Guitar Sheet Music - Looking for jazz bass tabs?  Other free bass tabs?  How about finding some good sheet music for bass?

6.  Best Bass Songs and Bass Players - What are the best bass songs?  Who are the best bass players of all time.  Of course there is debate if you're talking about rock or jazz.  I list what I think. You can have your say as well. 

The bass has opened up a huge world for me as a player but also as a songwriter.  My arranging and songwriting has grown immensely. Explore the above resources to help you in your quest to understand the bass.  For more info visit bass info.  

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