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Bass Chord Chart

The bass chord chart displays and explains bass guitar chords.  

In many cases bass guitar chords are just the top four notes of a regular guitar chord.

However, sometimes you can create inversions to add some spice to this lush instrument.  

Harmonically, it's the same chord as on the guitar or piano, but by putting the 3rd or the 5th in the bass, a whole new texture is created.

Bass Chord Chart

See below this chart for chord spellings in all 7 of the natural chords in this chart.

Bass Guitar Chords

In the chart above we have the 7 natural bass guitar chords in their major, minor and 7th forms.  Below are the spellings of each of these chords in order from left to right and top to bottom.

NOTE: These spellings include open notes on the bass.  In addition, some of these chords are inversions.

A = A, C#, E, A
Am = A, C, E, A
A7 = G, C#, E, A
(The A7 chord has the
7th in the bass - this is a 3rd inversion)

B = F#, B, D#, B
Bm = F#, B, D, B
B7 = F#, B, D#, A
(all three of these chords have the
5th in the bass - these are 2nd inversions)

C = G, C, E, C
= G, C, Eb, C
 = G, C, E, Bb
(all three of these chords have the 5th in the bass - these are 2nd inversions)

D = F#, D, D, A
Dm = F, D, D, A
D7 = F#, C, D, A
(all three of these chords have the 3rd in the bass - these are 1st inversions)

E = E, B, E, G#
Em = E, B, E, G
E7 = E, B, D, G#

F = F, C, F, A
Fm = F, C, F, Ab
F7 = F, C, Eb, A

G = G, B, D, G
Gm = G, Bb, D, G
G7 = F, B, D, G
(The G7 chord has the 7th in the bass - this is a 3rd inversion)

Bass Clef Piano & Bass Clef Worksheets

For a review of bass clef piano notes visit my page on piano bass clef.  If you need practice or wish study up a bit more on the bass clef, check out these bass clef worksheets.

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