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Audio Recording Software

Audio recording software comes in all shapes and sizes. I have created a comprehensive page on building a home recording studio, info on free and purchased recording software and tips on how to record and mix your music right in your home.

I have recorded in professional studios like Electric Lady Studios in Greenwich Village, NYC when I was signed to AMG records. However, most of my TV, film and advertising placements have come from recordings I have made in my home studio.

Audio Recording Software

1. Building a Home Recording Studio - We'll take a look at how you can begin recording at home. I'll take you through my studio and we'll look at what equipment you need and how to set it up to make excellent recordings.

2. Guitar Recording Software - We'll explore the best software for recording guitar. I'll also go over some tips for when you're recording acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar.

3. Best Recording Software - We'll look at some of the best home recording software such as Pro Tools and Cubase. Other excellent sound recording software includes Logic, Reason and Ableton Live.

4. Free Vocal Remover - Vocal remover software is used when you want to remove vocals from songs. There are several kinds of vocal removal software. This is very handy if you can't mix out your vocals and you need an instrumental version of a song for TV or film.

5. Vocal Mixing - Mixing vocals and recording vocals can make or break a song. We'll look at techniques and vocal plugins including a vocal compressor, a vocal processor and a vocal harmonizer to name a few.

6. Online Music Mixing - We'll look at various ways of mixing online, mixing audio, audio mixing software and some mixing dj software.

7. Sound Recording and Reproduction - We will look at digital versus analog audio recording computers and audio recording devices.

8. Free Recording Studio Software - We'll look at some free audio software. Audacity is one of the most popular
free recording software.

9. Home Recording Forum - Here we will discuss used recording equipment, home studio recording and home recording equipment. Musicians are encouraged to chime in about gear they have used, techniques that are effective and anything else to do with recording or recording software.

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