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Christmas Carol Lyrics 

Christmas carol lyrics is Appendix G in a 10 part series in How to Write a Song.  Here we're going to search and explore Christmas carol lyrics, Christmas song lyrics and Christmas songs.  These are classic lyrics. Many of them exist in the public domain and many are newer lyrics.  

At Berklee I spent sometime studying Xmas lyrics and songs as part of my course of study.  A songwriter that can connect and hit on a Christmas song can really supplement their income.  


Hymns and Carols of Christmas has a rich and vibrant collection of carols and hymns from around the world.  There are multiple versions of various lyrics.  Notes concerning a lyrics will be found at the bottom of the first version.  

From A Babe in Bethlehem to the Zither Carol, it's all here.  This is the most comprehensive carol list.  The other sites focus more on more modern songs.  There is a section on Xmas poetry, prose and recordings. 

Lastly, there is a section that discuses the history of hymns and how they exist further back than carols.  They are typically religious songs and church music that date back to the 4th century.

Carols are generally songs that celebrate the season in a joyous manner which arose in the 13th century.


Sing - A - Long Festive Tunes gives you a link to every lyric alphabetically.  The songs are also categorized by funny, Christian, best, children's, religious, free and other variations.  Songwriter's should study timeless Christmas songs in order to write their own.

There is a festive quiz here as well.  If you browse the site you can find the answers and test your knowledge.  The point is to learn about what makes these century old wonders.  Why do we sing these songs every year over and over again?  What is it about the feelings of these tunes that bring such warmth to people all over the world. 


AZ Lyrics has Xmas lyrics updated daily.  It has a lyric search engine and database.  It could very well become one of your favorite music communities.  From Adeste Fideles to Winter Wonderland all the top classics are here.

Full of carols and songs, AZ lyrics will keep you busy studying rhyme scheme, meter, prose and imagery.  The striking purple background is visually enticing.  

Good luck Xmas songwriters!

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