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Do You Love Songwriting?

If you are passionate about any aspect of songwriting then you have come to the right place! Want to learn music theory? Want to write better lyrics? Have songs but need to record them? Do you want to license your songs to TV?

"Follow your bliss and doors will open" - Joseph Campbell

We will explore basic music theory in a 31 part video series and how it relates to singing, piano, bass and guitar. I also cover music symbols and an introduction to site reading.

Do you want to learn some basic chords on guitar or are you more advanced and want to learn various chord scales? We will learn open chords, bar chords and inverted chords on acoustic guitar. This will spark lots of ideas for your composing.

We’ll talk about why it can be important to play power chords on electric guitar when writing and arranging. We’ll talk about what diatonic harmony is as we learn how to play and write songs.

From here we learn song forms and patterns used in commercial songwriting. I also analyze my favorite bands and songwriters and why I think their songs are so amazing. We'll look at some of the greatest lyricists and how to improve our lyric writing. It’s all about learning from those that came before us!

You can get lost with all of the information on recording gear and techniques. There is a ton of software out there and we'll try to make sense of it. Everything has become software driven and pro tools has become the industry standard. We’ll talk about why and how we can use other software to achieve the same results.

If you have garageband on your Mac, then you already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, then fear not, we’ll get you rolling. In addition, there is some free editing software online that is very easy to use.Licensing I have had songs placed on NBC, FOX, HBO, ABC, Discovery Channel, A&E, Animal Planet, MTV, VH1 and many more. I will not only teach you everything I know about licensing your music to TV, Film and multi-media, but I will tell you where to submit your songs and instrumentals.

Are you interested in taking some online courses on songwriting or attending a music production school? I attended the Berklee College of Music and I can tell you all about my experience. In addition, there are other schools such as Full Sail that prepare you for a career in music as well.

Let's get started!

Over the next few months I will be building out this site to include instruction on guitar, writing songs, lyric writing, recording, music schools and music licensing (including places to pitch your music).

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Songwriting Blog
Want to learn music theory? Want to write better lyrics? Have songs but need to record them? Do you want to license your songs to TV?
Best Free Music Download Sites
The best free music download sites offer a variety of music to chose from. You can get music downloads for free here and also play free music on your device.
Music Websites and Making Money
I have combined some music websites and my experiences in making money with music licensing, to help you promote your music and sell your songs.
Free Internet Radio to Promote Your Music
Free Internet Radio is a great way to promote your music. You can submit music to internet radio stations that focus on free radio. There are also services that help you with the process.
Performance Royalties and Music Licensing
Performance royalties are what you earn from music licensing. We'll discuss copyright law, royalty free music, synchronization licenses and places to place your music.
My TV Show Music Placements
I have had many tv show music placements and you can too. I started getting my songs and instrumentals into a music production library about ten years ago.
Sell My Music Online
Sell my music online by joining a digital distribution company. You can sell songs online and sell your music online in a number of different ways, but tunecore and songcast are very e
Video Game Musicians
Video game musicians write video game music. Video game development is one of the fastest growing industries and thus one of the most profitable composing gigs in the world.
Audio Recording Software
Audio recording software comes in all shapes and sizes. I have created a comprehensive page including free recording studio software, info on building a home recording studio and much more.
Building a Home Recording Studio
Building a home recording studio can be done with a little know how. I'll cover everything needed for recording at home from the recording microphone needed to drum recording.
Best Recording Software
The best recording software most would agree is Pro Tools. However, other home recording software such Cubase, Reason, Logic and Ableton Live have their advantages.
Guitar Recording Software and Recording Tips
Guitar recording software provides many options. Let's look at the best as well as tips on recording acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar.
Free Vocal Remover
Free vocal remover software can be used when you want to remove vocals from songs. There are several kinds of vocal removal software.
Vocal Mixing Tips
Vocal mixing is perhaps the most important part of a mix. Vocal plugins, like a vocal compressor are used when mixing vocals. First start with a great recording.
Online Music Mixing
Online music mixing explains mixing online, mixing audio and audio mixing software. We'll also look at mixing DJ software.
Sound Recording and Reproduction
Sound recording and reproduction discusses digital versus analog audio recording computers and audio recording devices.
Free Audio Recording Software
Free audio recording software is available online. Free recording studio software such as Audacity and other types of free recording software are reviewed here.
Home Recording Forum
Home recording forum is where we discuss new and used recording equipment, home studio recording. Viewers can share their expertise and discuss all aspects of home recording.
How to Write a Song
Learn how to write a song and how to become a songwriter. In writing a song the six essential elements of a song are melody, chord progressions, feel or style , lyric, arrangement and production.
Authentic Cadence and Chord Function
An authentic cadence and plagal cadence introduce us to chord function and why certain chord progressions are timeless.
Chord Progression
A strong chord progression contains a tonic, a subdominant and dominant chord. A popular chord change uses the I, IV and V in creative ways.
Guitar Chord Progressions
Guitar chord progressions are key in how to write songs. Great piano chord progressions can also help you write your own music.
Neapolitan Chord and Advanced Music Theory
The neapolitan chord is used as a chord substitution also called modal interchange in advanced music theory and songwriting.
Stairway to Heaven Chords and Analysis
The Stairway to Heaven chords are in both natural minor and the dorian mode making it modal music. The D is a chord substitution borrowed from the relative A major scale.
Hotel California Chords and Analysis
If you analyze the Hotel California Chords you see that the song is in B natural minor but chords are borrowed from the harmonic minor scale and the dorian mode.
Secondary Dominant and Key Signature
A secondary dominant chord is the V7 of V chord. It can be used to create a modulation to a new key signature. The circle of fifths helps explain this.
How to Write Music with Feel, Groove and Music Style
How to write music with feel, groove and music style, is an important part of songwriting. Songwriting ideas and songwriting techniques can help to groove music you're writing.
Free Songwriting Tips on Song Arranging
Free Songwriting Tips on Song Arranging will show you how to arrange parts of a song and rock band instruments into a song structure.
Beginner Songwriting on Melody
Beginner Songwriting on Melody will show you how to write a music melody by ear, but you can also learn to write your own sheet music using Finale Songwriter.
How to Write Song Lyrics
Let's learn how to write song lyrics. For some, writing song lyrics can be the most difficult part of writing a song. We'll talk about how to write lyrics that are universal but original.
Free Rhyming Dictionary and Lyric Writing Tools
A Free Rhyming Dictionary can help you write a song. We'll explore the tools great lyricists use. I have gathered a rhyming dictionary, a free thesaurus and various poetic devices all in one place.
Songwriting Software
Masterwriter is the best songwriting software period. It has excellent tools for writing song lyrics. It also has songwriting tools in addition to tools for writing lyrics.
Tips for Songwriting
Here are some great tips for songwriting whether you are a beginner or a pro!
Free Audio Editing Software
Free audio editing software begins and ends with Audacity. This free music editing software is easy to use and teaches you how to edit music.
Songwriting Competitions to Submit Songs
Songwriting competitions like the American Idol Songwriting Contest and the John Lennon Songwriting contest are some of the songwriting contests you can submit songs to.
Song Lyrics Phrase Search
Song lyrics phrase search allows us to search and analyze successful songwriters. Here we can search for pop and rock lyrics and lyrics to older music like Elvis Presley music lyrics.
Musical Notation / Basic Music Theory
This FREE VIDEO online musical notation and basic music theory course is for beginners to advanced students. Each concept is accompanied by rich graphic and text explanation.
Music Theory for Dummies
This music theory for dummies VIDEO page explains the basic ingredients needed to play or make music. They are pitch, pitch duration and beat.
Treble Clef and the Treble Staff
The treble clef sits on the treble staff. It's also called a G clef because it wraps around the G note.
Piano Bass Clef and Bass Staff
The piano bass clef sits on the bass staff. It's also called an F clef because there are two dots on either side of the F note.
The Grand Staff and Ledger Lines
The grand staff combines both the treble staff and the bass staff. Middle C sits on a ledger line between the two staves. Piano players read this staff.
The Whole Note and the Half Note
The whole note when played or sung is held for 4 beats of sound. The half note when played or sung is held for 2 beats of sound.
Quarter Note, Eighth Note & Sixteenth Note
The quarter note when played or sung is held for 1 beat of sound. The eighth note when played or sung is held for 1/2 a beat of sound. The sixteenth note is held for 1/4 of a beat of sound. These m
The Quarter Rest and it's Silent Family
The quarter rest is one silent beat of time. The whole, half, eighth and sixteenth rests are also silent versions of the notes. We beat the time, just without sound.
Music Symbols and Musical Bars
Music symbols all sit on various staves which are divided into musical bars.
Music Tempo
Music tempo is the speed with which we play music. We can set a metronome to give us our beats per minute (bpm).
Common Time or 4/4 Time
Common time is the same as 4/4 time. Most of the music we listen to is in this time signature.
Waltz Time or 3/4 Time
Waltz time is the same as 3/4 time. A lot of the music we listen to is in this time.
Music Meter, 6/8 Time and Cut Time
This Music meter page explains the difference between compound meter and simple meter. We'll focus on the popular time signatures of 6/8 time and cut time.
Dotted Half Note and it's Family
The dotted half note is 1 1/2 x itself. Since a half note is worth 2 beats, when dotted it has 3 beats. All dotted notes are 1 1/2 x themselves.
C Major Scale
The C Major Scale is the easiest of the music scales to learn as it uses only white keys on the piano. It introduces the pattern of WWHWWWH which exists in all keys.
Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti
Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti are solfege syllables that we learn in order to learn the major scale also called the Ionian scale.
Music Scales and the A Minor Scale
Among the important music scales is the natural minor scale. "A" minor is the relative minor scale to the "C" Major scale. Another name for this scale is the aeolian scale.
Music Theory Intervals
Music Theory Intervals are the distances between pitches. The perfect fifth, the perfect fourth, octave and unison are very common music intervals, however many more exist. The other musical interva
C Major Chord and Chord Theory
C Major Chord, chord theory, music theory chords, triad
Music Theory Course on the Chromatic Scale
This FREE music theory course is 26 and 27 in a 31 part series on musical notation and basic music theory. The chromatic scale consists of 12 semitones that repeat over and over.
G Major Scale
The G Major Scale introduces us to our first sharp in the key signature. F now becomes F# because when following the pattern of WWHWWWH, starting on G, we play our first black key.
Music Theory Scales and E Minor Scale
Among the Music Theory Scales is the E Minor Scale which is also called the Aeolian Scale or the Natural Minor Scale. In addition, we will talk about the Harmonic Minor Scale and the Melodic Minor Sc
Circle of Fifths and Music Theory Chords in G Major
Understanding the Circle of Fifths is helpful in building music theory chords. We will look at the Key of G Major and see how we build the chords I II III IV V VI VII. We now have our first sharp so
Musical Dynamics and a Stairway to Heaven
Musical Dynamics are how loud or soft the music is. Mezzo Forte is medium loud and Mezzo Piano is medium soft. Stairway to Heaven displays an incredible use of dynamics.
Free Music Theory Worksheets, Tests and Games
I have compiled some FREE music theory worksheets, music theory tests, free printable worksheets and music theory games to help solidify what we have learned in this course.
Free Music Notation Software
The FREE music notation software of choice is MuseScore. If you want to pay a little for some quality music notation software then I would recommend Finale Notation Software. There are pl
Learn To Play Guitar Lessons
Learn To Play Guitar Lessons is a multi part series. You will learn to play guitar with free guitar lessons.
Guitar String Names and Stringing a Guitar
Learn the guitar string names and how to string a guitar. We'll cover equipment needed and the process involved to remove and string a guitar.
Standard Guitar Tuning and Alternate Tunings
Learn how to tune a guitar in standard guitar tuning. We'll also look at alternate tunings such as dropped D . Lastly, we will identify all 12 chromatic scale names on the guitar.
C Guitar Chord and Family
The C guitar chord can be both major or minor and can be played in multiple places on the guitar. We will also learn all of the diatonic chords in the key of C Major.
Country Guitar Chords
Country guitar chords are all of the open chords we have discussed. The major pentatonic scale is the most popular of guitar scales used in country music.
Minor Pentatonic Scale and Power Chords
The minor pentatonic scale is the most popular of guitar scales used in rock music. It is played over rock chords and power chords.
Blues Guitar Scale and Chords
The blues guitar scale is played over blues guitar chords. We will discuss blues chords, the blues scale and some sample progressions.
Jazz Guitar Lesson
Jazz Guitar Lesson is part 13 in a 15 part series on Beginner Guitar Lessons. We'll look at diatonic jazz guitar chords and the jazz guitar chord system.
Jazz Guitar Scales
Jazz Guitar Scales include not only diatonic scales like the e minor scale, but also the harmonic minor scale. In these jazz guitar lessons free info is available for all scales.
Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques
Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques will explore different techniques and patterns used by fingerpicking guitarists. We'll also look at fingerpicking blues.
Free Music Lyrics and Chords
Free Music Lyrics and Chords includes rock, pop and country music lyrics and chords, song chords and lyrics as well as gospel music lyrics and chords.
Guitar Fretboard Notes Diagram
Let's take a look at a guitar fretboard notes diagram. This guitar fretboard notes chart will get you started on the guitar!
Learn to Play Piano
You can learn to play piano! I have compiled the best sites on the web so you can learn piano with free piano lessons online.
Bass Guitar Beginner Info
Here is bass guitar beginner information for the novice to the expert. From online bass lessons to buying bass amps, it's here!
Music Business Schools and Berklee College of Music
One of the best music business schools in the world is the Berklee College of Music. In addition, it's not only the best audio engineering school but the Berklee School of Music is one of the best mus
This is my "about" page. I attended the Berklee College of Music from '87-'91. I was signed to AMG Records in '99. I have been teaching music for 20 years. I got involved in music licensing in 200
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